beat the competitionAutomate your showroom

Are you looking for ways to improve your sales gross, keep your guests happy, motivate employees, and drive results? Stop looking and join us now in the revolution that will change your showroom destiny!

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Automated Technology

We provide you an automated sales process that allows you to save time. With a simple UI design, anyone can use it, from the newest team member to your most veteran consultants.


Our app gives you real time performance tracking and sales analytics. Use your analytics to motivate your team and keep them accountable. No more hoping to meet sales goals, just a good plan of attack.

Native Mobile App

Designed as a true mobile app, we provide real-time updates with offline mode and no page loading. Our app's reliability is there for you when you need it the most.

Time Saving

With our automated communication system, we eliminate your wasted time. No more waiting for managers, no more pen and paper, more time to concentrate on your guests.

Sales Transparency

With our simple design, your roadmap to the end of sale is clear. Our app allows your team and guests, to be on the same page throughout the sales process, resulting in a better sales experience.

Be In the Driver Seat

With our tools; tasks/leads, appointments, performance, SPIFFS, and history, take charge to plan, execute, and drive results to your month.

ClearShowroom gives you the power to control your SHOWROOM!

Whether you are a small or large dealership, our ClearShowroom CRM dashboard provides you the key features to feel the pulse of your business. See how our features can help you.

  • Finance

    With the finance penetration feature, you can increase your margins. The analytics will allow you to hold your team accountable and build a finance culture.

  • Close Ratio

    Track your closing percentage using our close ratio analytics. Sell more cars by being actively engaged in the sales process. You can dominate marketshare and have a system that allows you to keep winning.

  • Sales Pace

    Our sales pace analytics allow you to achieve high level sales targets by providing visibility of your daily goals. Be progressive and give purpose to your month.

  • Forecasting

    Our planning tool allows you to forecast and keep you headed in the right direction. Don't get left in the dust. Be proactive and forecast to win.

  • Showroom Visibiity

    Our dashboard KPI allows you to make fast decisions with useful analytics. Our analytics provides the opportunity to have one-on-one's with your sales consultants. Strengthen your team and crush the competition.

  • E-Leads

    With our integrated system, we provide quick automated e-lead notifications, allowing the capability of a faster and more personal response.

Get the visibility that you need.

ClearShowroom provides you analytics and visibility on how your dealership is performing. Use the finance breakdowns to understand where your opportunties are. Monitor your close ratio and sales pace to meet sales goals. Plan with the forecasting ability to project hourly/weekly/monthly targets. Change your destiny!

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Meet Our Team

With a combined 30+ years of experience in the automotive and tech industry, our team is a perfect blend to lead the revolution. We strive to bring you simple automated technology.

Vong Lo

Co-Founder / CEO

As an expert from the automotive industry, Vong strives to impact the car business and revolutionize the car buying experience.

Cha Yeng Yang

Co-Founder / CTO

With the passion in technology, Yeng works on bringing innovation to the automotive industry.